Product Design, UI/UX

Familr is a mobile application that aims to help newcomer teens learn not only the English taught in the classroom but the English spoken in the halls as well. It is meant as a supplement to their English education so that they can assimilate into life in North America as a teenager better and faster.
When users open the app, the record option is there for easy access. It allows them to instantly record either their conversations or any audio that they come across. Once their conversations are recorded, a transcript is created. Mistakes made by the user are identified, allowing users to analyze their face to face conversations and learn from them.
The Clarify feature can be used to view a simple explanation of phrases. It is especially handy for deciphering the many references inherent in the media consumed in North America. Users can favourite their conversations and clips (media such as tv shows, music and movies) and view a translation of the text into their first language.
The "Trending" section of the app keeps newcomer teens up to date with the latest words and phrases used in everyday communication, with a pop culture lean. The words and phrases served are tailored to their interests.
Familr helps newcomers understand the in-jokes, colloquialisms and the references that are used in everyday communication. This conceptual project is a collaboration with Ann Lu and Stephanie Hou. My responsibilities: UI/UX design.